Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Top 5 Favorite Pinoy Recipes

Every country has its own specialty when it comes to food. Well, this factor is one of the many things that make me proud of of being a Filipino. It is for the reason that the Philippines have really something to offer around the world when it comes to recipes. Unlike other countries that offer only one specialty when talking about food recipes, our country is entirely inimitable. Filipino chefs present different recipes that are truly mouth-watering and lip-smacking. Well, for our today’s list, I am going to make you crave with these Top 5 Favorite Pinoy Recipes.

5 . PINAKBET – If you are true Filipino, I bet you already understand why this recipe is included in the top 10. Many children are not very pleased with the taste of the vegetables. But, here in the Philippines, there’s this recipe that every kid will surely be fond of, it is no other than Pinakbet. Check its recipe here: Pinakbet

4 . LAING – This… is my personal favorite. A delicious dish of taro/gabi leaves and coconut milk. Its taste is undeniably luscious and delectable!

3. KINILAW – Asians are not only rice lovers, in fact, we also love fish and other sea creatures, meat, fruits or vegetable; these are soaked in vinegar or other souring agents for best taste. I think Kinilaw is thoroughly a unique Filipino recipe that is enjoyed both by kids and adults.

2. SINIGANG – This, is the top 2 favorite Pinoy dish of all time. There are many variations of this Sinigang recipe like sinigang na baka, sinigang na baboy, sinigang na buto-buto, sinigang na hipon and sinigang na isda. They are all perfected in the same manner, yet the sourness of its soup differs from one another.

1. KARE – KARE – Why is it on the top 1? Well, if you’re a certified pinoy, there’s no need questioning why this is placed in number one. But if you are someone outside the country, I guess you’ll be asking what this Kare-kare is, and why is it the most favorite recipe of Filipinos. It is served in every Filipino table especially when there are big celebrations. Click here for its recipe.


  1. My gulay! este, may ulam din pala... favorite ko lahat yan!

  2. adobo should be in the list. haha. pambansang baon yun. :D
    - adobong manok.
    - adobong baboy.

    at kung special, adobong baboy at manok with egg. yay!